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Okoboji Yacht Club
Announcements in April
Spring Board Meeting is Saturday, April 26, 2014. The Sailing School meeting starts at 2:30 and the OYC Board Meeting begins at 4:00. Jock McDonald is the Commodore for this year. 



Four years ago Okoboji hosted a US Sailing Basic Race Management Seminar. This year we will host this seminar again.  US Sailing certified race officers are required to recertify every four years. This is a one-day seminar scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd. The seminar covers the basics of how to run a race that meets US Sailing standards. It is not a seminar on the racing rules of sailing. Information on the seminar can be found at the US Sailing website. 

RACE COMMITTEE:  Although Okoboji race officers do not need to be certified, it would be desirable for as many as possible of our officers to attend and broaden your understanding of race management.


SAILORS:  You might think "how to run a race" is not of interest to you. But knowing how the race committee operates will provide you a competitive advantage over sailors who do not have this insight. At some future time you might want to join the race committee. This local one-day seminar will be a good investment of your time and increase your pleasure in the sport of competitive sailing.


COST: The cost of joining US Sailing is $60 for an annual membership (required by US Sailing to take seminars). There is a $15 discount to the annual membership (now only $45) for attending a Race Management Seminar. The cost for the seminar is $55, making the total cost $100. This covers a continental breakfast, breaks, lunch, and course materials. Normally you would have to travel to Chicago, Milwaukee, or southeast Wisconsin to attend a seminar of this type.

Please pass the word along to others that might be interested in this seminar.

Phil Petersen


                 MC Scow Invitational Regatta
                 July 10-13, 2014
                 Okoboji Yacht Club


                     NOTICE OF RACE

July 25 - August 1, 2014




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